Aresting Thief stolen items in the motobike trunks

Crescent Mall’s Security Guard has caught a thief in the basement B2 recently. At the beginning, the guy pretended to find his vehicle, then reported to the security guard that he lost his the motorbike card. After checking security camera, the Mall’s security guard found out some suspicious signs because this guy did not ride his motorbike into the basement.

The Mall’s Security Guard requested to inspect the guy’s backpack then discovered there were 2 phones, 1 license plate, 3 driving licenses, 5 visa cards, 1 male wallet, 3 female wallets, 1 car key, a bunch of motorbike keys, 2 gold chains, 1 headset, 3 health insurance cards.

The guy could not explain where were these items in his backpack coming from. Then the Mall’s security guard handed the guy over to Police Station of Tan Phu Ward. Here, the guy mentioned his name as Phan Phu Th., born in 1997, Tra Vinh. He admitted to stealing these items in many motorbike trunks in the basement of Crescent Mall. The police are continuing to investigate the case.

Through this incident, once again, there is warning that people should raise their alertness, not to leave valuable items in the motorbike trunks, to prevent being stolen.

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