The vibrant celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Last week, the Livin PMH APP and Phu Hung Thinh Company, in collaboration with sponsors, hosted numerous Mid-Autumn Festival events in the Phu My Hung complexes, spreading festive cheer to thousands of young inhabitants.

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration unfolded in various complexes including Sky Garden, Phu Gia, Midtown, Happy Valley, and Saigon South Residence which are managed by the Phu Hung Thinh Company. Thousands of residents, particularly children, eagerly engaged in a host of joyful and meaningful activities that fostered a sense of community. These included a lantern procession, lion dance, lantern making and decoration, flower lantern release, performing arts, fashion shows, magic shows, sand painting creation, and quizzes with prizes. In addition to these activities, the children had the opportunity to interact and take photos with characters from fairy tales like Ms. Hang and Mr. Cuoi in an environment imbued with the folk colors of the Full Moon festival night.

Joining forces with the Livin PMH App and Phu Hung Thinh Company to deliver vibrant and engaging Mid-Autumn Festival events for the children in Phu My Hung City Center were sponsors including American Learning Lab, Solo Music Space, Global Art, Mathnasium, Bella Italia, 30 Bunches, Pho 24, Kindy Garden, Motchutpainting, and Àlamain bakery & Café.

Let’s take a look at some of the captivating moments from the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in Phu My Hung City Center with Phu My Hung Today.

Source: App Livin PMH

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