Teens robbing phone

Recently, a phone robbery occurred at the intersection of Nguyen Binh and Pham Thai Buong streets, Phu My Hung City Center. From CCTV, there were 5 teenagers (2 on Exciter Motorbike and 3 on a Dream Motorbike). They rided near the intersection of Nguyen Binh and Pham Thai Buong streets and saw Ms. X using her phone while sitting on her motorbike. All 5 teenagers approached Ms. X. Then one teenager sitting behind the Exciter reached out to grab the phone. Because Ms. X held it firmly, he couldn’t get it. Hearing the victim’s scream, Security Guards nearby quickly informed the on-duty units. The security Force set up a team to catch them at Gate 4 of Crescent Mall. Three on the Dream got caught, while 2 on the Exciter escaped and drove away towards Tan My Market.

The security Force instructed the victim to report and handed over the three teenagers to the Tan Phong Ward Police. All 3 of them are very young. Two were born in 2006, one was born in 2008.

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