Students from Lawrence S. Ting School have achieved high honors in IRCYS

The International Research Competition for Young Scientists (IRCYS) is an annual competition organized by the Indonesia Scientific Society and the Bandung Creative Society. It serves as a platform for high school students and students from around the world to showcase their passion for scientific research, practice skills, and interact with international peers.

In the 2023 IRCYS competition held in Indonesia, the team from Lawrence S. Ting School made a strong impression on the judges with their research topics that focused on societal issues and applied scientific knowledge to create useful products. Some of their projects included researching and manufacturing fruit preservatives from pectin in dragon fruit peel, investigating the ability to decompose proteins with protease enzymes in school leftovers, making antibacterial and antioxidant soap from fish mint, and proposing solutions to combat deforestation in Vietnam.

The students’ confident and brave presentations in English led to outstanding results. Seven teams from Lawrence S. Ting School surpassed talented teams from various countries to win 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal, and 5 Bronze Medals. The specific achievements are as follows:

• Gold Medal: Tran Khue Anh (11E2), Nguyen Le Dong Nghi (11E2)

• Silver Medal: Chau Hong Thien An (8A2), Tran Gia Han (8A7)

• Bronze Medal: Phung Doan Quy Lam (6A3), Ly Hai Long (6A3); Nguyen Phuong Nghi (8A4), Nguyen Tran Khoi Nguyen (6A2), Tran Nguyen An Binh (6A7); Tran My Khanh (11E1), Duong Gia Han (11A1), Nguyen Thuy Bao Vy (11A1), Phan Le My Ngoc (11E1); Nguyen Cat Phuong (12E1), Le Ngoc Minh Tam (12T1), Tran Bao Tram (12A1); Dao Phuong Trang (11E2), Phi Hoang Mai Phuong (11T1), Phung Duy Anh Thu (11A2), Phan Minh Khoi (11E2), Truong Ngoc Anh (11A2)

These achievements at international competitions reflect Lawrence S. Ting School’s comprehensive educational approach and commitment to training global citizens.

Source: Lawrence S. Ting School

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