“Carnival Funfair” at Saigon South Residences

Last weekend, Livin PMH App and Phu Hung Thinh Company jointly organized the “Carnival Funfair” Festival at Saigon South Residences (SSR) project with the Partners are Blue Sky Kindergarten and Solo Music Space School to bring fun activities for residents’ children before the new school year.

The festival attracted nearly 300 residents participating in exciting activities and games, including circus performances, music performances, cotton candy making, long jump, can toss, ring toss, and basketball, singing themed songs, baby superheroes, and mirror movement. At the end of the games, children received gifts from the Livin App and Partners through a lucky draw. The festival not only brought immense joy and laughter to the children but also fostered a sense of community among the SSR residents.

Some photos of the festival:

Source:Livin PMH & Phu Hung Thinh

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