Fire prevention and fighting training for Phu My Hung employees

Phu My Hung Corporation cooperated with District 7 Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department to organize fire prevention training for nearly 500 employees. This is a training program in the annual plan to improve fire protection skills and awareness for Phu My Hung employees.

Accordinng to the plan, the fire prevention training program takes place every Friday until the end of the second quarter of 2022. 70 employees will join a training session in one day. In each session, fire police officers will summarize basic knowledge and give practical instructions on fire fighting operations for some fixed situations.

Some photos of the training session:

Senior Lieutenant Doan Quang Thanh – District 7 Fire Police Department talks about basic theory on how to effectively prevent fire at home and work.
Officers instruct security staff how to stretch a fire hose.
Practice using a gas fire extinguisher to put out a gasoline fire.
Each employee is trained to use a wet towel to turn off the gas cylinder valve in the event of a fire caused by a gas leak, which is common in households.
Staff divided into groups to practice fire fighting with water hoses.
Employees take turns in practicing holding a water hose and aiming it at the simulated fire’s focal point.
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