“Paint Our Angels’ Wings” – The First Storybook Drawing Contest to support Children with Disabilities in Viet Nam

Learning through implementing one of our projects called Our Better Angels, Lawrence S. Ting Foundation found that apart from textbooks, storybooks play an important role in every child’s mental and cognitive development. However, there is still a significant lack of storybooks for Children with Disabilities (CWDs) to read at homes and schools and even in the markets. Children’s storybooks become more and more diverse in genres and ways of creation but still do not fit into the needs for CWDs to read without embedding assistive learning technology on Braille, sign language and so on.

In order to empower more people to understand the education issue of CWDs and address this significant need, today, Lawrence S. Ting Foundation officially launched the first Storybook Drawing Contest called Paint Our Angels’ Wings in Vietnam to support CWDs!

In this contest, Lawrence S. Ting Foundation encourage young people to practice their creativity in drawing and then turn into their unique storybooks. Meanwhile, the general public can participate in voting to select their most like storybooks. All of their participation will become a direct support and encouragement to CWDs. 

After this contest, Lawrence S. Ting Foundation will take a further step to convert all selected works into proper digital format along with assistive learning technology to support CWDs in reading at the first Digital Library for CwDs in Viet Nam. 

Please check the timeframe and also links below to understand the contest details.  


August 11: Contest Launching

August 20: Talk Show on Children with Disabilities

September 6: Opening Voting round

October 7: Contest Closing

October 14: Voting Round Closing

October 21: Result Announcement

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