A complete Tet with Crescent Mall

To welcome the Lunar New Year, Crescent Mall decorates an area with the theme: “A complete Tet is when you celebrate Tet together” by many decorative miniatures featuring traditional culture such as: Ong Tao rides a carp to heaven, Tet cake pot on New Year’s Eve, box of jam, folk games (cheraw dance, ring toss game, hitting the gong game), apricot trees, watermelons… Along with that is a beautiful photo contest with many attractive gifts for visitors who “check in” at the decoration area.

The stores at Crescent Mall are also decorating Tet in their own styles, all together creating a colorful Tet space.

Photos of the decoration area “A complete Tet is when you celebrate Tet together ” at Crescent Mall:

Tet decorations at stores in Crescent Mall:

Thanh Toan

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