Cameras Assist Residents

The camera system in Phu My Hung, boasting over 4,000 units, not only plays a crucial role in upholding security and order in the city center but also assists security forces in resolving various issues related to residents’ lives.

In November 2023, Mr. Th. from the Nam Thong Complex reached out to the Phu My Hung Security Team Monitoring Center seeking assistance in locating his missing Alaskan dog. Utilizing camera footage, security guards of Phu My Hung identified two women on a motorbike as the ones who had led the dog away. The next day, upon their return to Phu My Hung, security quickly identified and contacted Mr. Th., leading to the successful reunion with his lost dog.

Photo of the lost dog captured from surveillance footage

Prior to this incident, another situation was successfully addressed with the assistance of the camera system. While on her way to her office in Phu My Hung, Ms. Lam Th., an office worker, realized she had dropped her wallet. Seeking help, she approached the Phu My Hung Security Team Monitoring Center. Upon reviewing the camera footage, security guards saw that Ms. Th. had dropped her wallet at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Duc Canh street, and a motorbike driver who happened to be behind her, picked it up.

Continuing to access camera records, Phu My Hung Security Team discovered that this motorbike driver frequently operates in Phu My Hung. That same afternoon, using the surveillance camera system, the security guards observed the driver parking his car while waiting for passengers at the intersection of Hoang Van Thai – Nguyen Luong Bang street. They and Ms. Th. approached and asked for the return of Ms. Th.’s wallet. Then all the assets and documents in the wallet were successfully returned to the owner.

Image of Ms. Th’s dropped wallet

The visible efforts to invest in modern equipment and technology, coupled with the continuous improvement of responsibility and expertise among security forces, are integral to the goal of gradually enhancing the quality and value of residents’ lives pursued by Phu My Hung.

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