“AN” Vegeterian Restaurant – place “to find inner peace”

With the familiar calm design style, guests will get the inner peaceful feeling right after coming to An Vegeterian Restaurant.

Located at Ground Floor at the Gate of Swimming pool & Health Club of Sky Garden Complex on side of Pham Van Nghi Street, dishes here are marked “AN” style. “No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – No Artificial colorants – No preservative” is cooking motto here. To make sure the nutrition and health for eaters is the restaurant’s priority.

Menu here is diverse. Breakfast is served till 10am with the familiar dishes such as Pho, Hue Noodle, Broken rice, Sour soup Noodle,… Menu for Lunch and Dinner is always make eaters “being affected” with the brandname “An” dishes such as Green Curry with bread, Fried rice with seaweed, Fried mushroom with lemongrass, hotpot,…

Within 2 days from 23 – 24 April 2022, residents who download PMH Livin App will be offered vouchers with the value of VND 100,000/voucher issued by An Vegeterian Restaurant. These vouchers will be applied in An Restaurant – Sky Garden (except for day 1 & 15 as per Lunar Calendar). Vouchers will be valued in 2 months calculated from 23 April 2022.

Address: AN Vegeterian Restaurant– Sky Garden

No. S62-1, Sky Garden 2, Pham Van Nghi, Tan Phong Ward, District 7.

(At gate of Swimming Pool- Sky Garden 2)

Hotline/ Zalo: 0965.67.64.62

Green Curry with bread
Fried rice with seaweed

Kim luyen

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