Lawrence S. Ting Foundation sponsors the construction of a bridge in Kien Giang Province

Over the past few years, the Dau Ngan bridge, which crosses the Danh Coi Canal in 10 Cho Hamlet, Dong Hung Commune, An Minh County, Kien Giang Province, has experienced significant deterioration. This has impacted the mobility of over 150 local households.

On June 16, 2023, the reconstruction of Dau Ngan Bridge commenced, thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Lawrence S. Ting Foundation. After a construction period of just over three months, the bridge was officially opened for use on September 26, 2023. The newly built concrete bridge spans approximately 22 meters in length and 2.8 meters in width, boasting a load capacity of 3 tons. This new infrastructure will significantly improve the convenience of travel for residents on both sides of the Danh Coi Canal. The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation is known to have funded the entire bridge construction, which amounted to a total cost exceeding VND 220 million.

The Lawrence S. Ting Foundation’s Board of Directors, in collaboration with local authorities, conducted an on-site assessment of the existing condition of the old Dau Ngan Bridge.
The commencement of the new Dau Ngan bridge’s construction took place on June 16, 2023
The construction of the bridge was completed in a span of approximately three months.
The newly constructed Dau Ngan Bridge was officially inaugurated and opened for public use on September 26, 2023.

Source: Lawrence S. Ting Foundation

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